Things to Do

From axe throwing to candle-making and thrilling mountain attractions to relaxing spa services, everyone can find their place at Blue! Layer on wildly entertaining festivals and events, live music, premium shopping & memorable food; there’s always something extraordinary to do.

Ski & Snowboard

Where the thrill of winter sports meets the warmth of inclusivity. Glide down the slopes in a vibrant celebration of diversity, welcoming all genders and sexualities to join in the joy of snow-covered adventures.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time rider, revel in a community that embraces uniqueness, carving out unforgettable moments on the snowy canvas of acceptance and pride.


On Mountain Activites

When you’re done on the slopes there is more still to enjoy- snowshoe hikes, skating trail, Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster and much more.

Explore The Village

The village is alive with a spectrum of rainbow hues!

Enjoy a leisurely exploration of boutique shops adorned with pride flags, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity, or indulge in the culinary delights of LGBTQ+ friendly establishments, offering a diverse range of flavors that mirror the richness of the community.

Whether you’re joining in the festivities or simply basking in the open-minded ambiance, exploring Blue Mountain Village during Pride promises a memorable and affirming experience where acceptance, love, and unity converge in a spectacular alpine setting.

In The Village


iwa Spa



Featured Attractions

Snow tubing provides guests with a genuine downhill experience without the speed and equipment associated with skiing and snowboarding. Tubing offers old-fashioned winter fun for the entire family and gives all participants a gentle introduction to the Blue Mountain slopes. Join us on Saturday March 2 for a live DJ from 1pm – 4pm!

There’s always time for a swim! With both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, along with an indoor splash pad, Plunge! guarantees year-round enjoyment for swimmers of all ages. Join us for a refreshing family experience during Pride Blue, leaving you rejuvenated and ready for your next Pride Blue adventure! Join us on Saturday March 2 for a live DJ from 3pm – 5pm

Enjoy some child-free time by dropping them off at Plunge! Kids aged 4+ swim with an instructor while the facility is closed to the public. We’ll have them dressed for bed and ready for pick up at 8pm: Pre-register at PLUNGE! (please note that registration runs 3 weeks out. March dates to be available as of early February).

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